Cubissimo is a fun and intuitive game to test your patience, creativity and ingenuity. To play, lay down the base card, draw one of the 30 challenge cards (3 levels of difficulty), build the beginning base featured on the card (could be 2 or more blocks), and then try to figure out on your own how to finish the puzzle. The goal is to end up with a perfectly square cube, having no jagged or overhanging edges. The answers to these perplexing puzzles are revealed in the back of the instruction booklet. This game includes 7 wooden block shapes, 30 challenge cards, 1 base card, and 1 instruction booklet. One player. Rebuild the cube using all of the pieces in Cubissimo, a game of puzzling and patience! One of the 30 challenge cards will give starting positions, each of which leads to only one solution. Get your brain buzzing with this spatial puzzle game!

  • This game is perfect for developing patience and logic.
  • The game box contains 7 wooden pieces, 1 support, 30 challenge cards and the rules of the game with the solutions at the end of the booklet.
  • The colored wooden cubes measure 2 cm on each side (2 x 2 x 2 cm).
  • Solutions are provided in the illustrated booklet.


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