Ravensburger Leaning Tower of Pisa Building 3D Puzzle (216 Pieces)


Construction of The Leaning Tower of Pisa started in 1174, but was not completed until the 14th century. But use the 216 high quality plastic puzzle pieces contained in this set, and construction can be completed in no time at all! You can either assemble your building “by eye” (using the printed design representing the carved stonework), or you may prefer to refer to the reference numbers printed on the reverse side of the pieces. Put the pieces together in sequence and see this amazing bell tower appear before your eyes (it even “leans” like the original!). This would make an excellent pastime or gift for someone interested in architecture or tourism, a lovely memento of a visit to Pisa and may appeal to traditional puzzle fans after a new challenge. We reckon it might just appeal to those who enjoy model railways too … a really unusual way to introduce substantial international 3D buildings to an existing set up. Comes with a baseboard for display.

Box Contains

216 pieces
display baseboard
plastic accessories


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