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World renowned Waddington’s Number 1 Playing Cards have been the choice of card players for generations. These superior quality playing cards with linen finish are the must have for lovers of all card games.

  • Play with the traditional Waddingtons Number 1 playing cards
  • Great for games at home or as the perfect travel companion
  • Hours of entertainment as you master much-loved card games from Snap to Blackjack

Play your favourite cards games with the classic Waddington’s Number 1 playing cards, with an endless list of card games to choose from.

Blackjack – The cards 2- 10 are worth their face value, kings, queens and jacks are each worth 10 each and ace may be used as either 1 or 1. The object for the player is to draw cards totalling closer to 21 without going over, than the dealer’s hand.

Snap – deal out all cards face down one at a time to each player. Cards are to remain face down. The player on the dealer’s left turns over the top card of his/her pile and put’s it face down. The next player to the left does the same and so on. When someone turns a card that matches a card already face up, the first person to call out ‘Snap’ wins the pile. Play continues until one player has all cards and is declared the winner.


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