LEGO DUPLO 10882 Railway Rail Extension Kit (23 Pieces)


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  • With this set you can build the coolest railway track for your Lego Duplo railway. Includes one straight and 10 curved track segments as well as 2 bouncers, 2 switches, a railway crossing and a red functional stone to stop the train.
  • Combine this set with the sets “Steam Train (10874) or “Freight Train” (10875), so your Lego Duplo railway collection offers you even more possibilities.
  • Show your preschool child how easily the functional stone can be placed on the rails and makes any compatible Duplo train – for example the steam train (10874) or the freight train (10875) – stop when reaching this stone.
  • The toy train rails from this set are a perfect gift for fans of LEGO DUPLO railways and can perfectly complement your child’s existing LEGO DUPLO railway collection. However, the functional bricks are not compatible with older LEGO DUPLO trains.
  • Lego Duplo products are specially developed for small children’s hands to ensure safe play. In combination with the “railway bridge and rails” set (10872), even more rail combinations can be created to experience even greater Lego Duplo railway fun.


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